Chaos Communication Camp 2023

Entity Information

If you feel the need to submit (medical) information about yourself to us: Please use this form, print it out and hand it in to us.

Medication cooling

Some medications have to be stored in certain temperature ranges. To make this possible, the CERT has a standard household refrigerator(!).

To store your medication at the CERT, proceed as follows:

  • The medication should be in their complete original packaging.
  • If the carton or the patient instruction leaflet can no longer be found, we must be able to clearly identify the medication on the basis of the remaining packaging, i.e. including the manufacturer and, if applicable, the dosage.
  • Tablets without blisters or medicines in open packaging cannot be stored.
  • Put the medicines in a waterproof box.
  • Add a note with your name and your contact details (preferably a DECT or mobile number).
  • You then hand in the sealed(!) box to the dispatcher at CERT.

If your medicines do not meet the above requirements, deviations are possible in individual cases after consultation with the CERT.